domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

Award + Gracias!


Antes de nada queria agradecer vuestras visitas, ya son 2.500!! Me parece increíble
Y para seguir agradecer a The Fashion Sky (Beita de mis amores) mi primer Award! Nada más y nada menos que en primer lugar!! haha
Ahi van mis nominaciones y algo sobre mi

The rules:
- Thank me in a post with a link to my blog
- write 7 things about yourself
- Give this award to 15 other blogs
- Let them know about it

7 things:
I ...
1. ... am a dreamer
2. ... can't live without internet and music
3. ... am addicted to travels
4. ... am half mexican half spanish, and a bit of argentinian =P
5. ... whant to live in NY, LA and Berlin
6. ... think black is the best color
7. ... love going to concerts of my favorite bands

15 other blogs: (just 4 in this case)

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